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Last updated: 7/8/2019

Project: #544-19-112 – Replace Radiology Roof – VAMC Columbia, SC

Location:          Columbia, SC

Bid Date:               7/15/19

Bid Time:              5:00 PM (Please submit bids by Noon)

Addendums: 4 as of last update
Plans & Specs Available:

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this project is to replace the existing roofing system over the Radiology Department of Building 100. Reference Scope of Work Attachment A for existing site conditions. Contractor will be required to provide all labor, materials, equipment, permits, licenses (i.e. equipment operation, OSHA/First Aid, etc.), and supervision necessary to demolish and replace the existing building roofing systems. The existing roof system is 45 mil fully adhered Firestone EPDM with a white acrylic coating with 2” of polyisocyanurate mechanically fastened to the concrete deck with screws and plates. The roof drainage system is comprised of interior roof drains and overflow scuppers. The existing slope is approximately ¼” in 12” built into the existing structure with a concrete roof deck. The existing R-value is approximately 11.6. The existing roof is approximately 30 years old.

Project: 7.21.19 – Project #659-19-101, to Replace Roof B5 – Salisbury NC VAMC ($500K-1M)

Location:        Salisbury NC VA Medical Center

Site Visit:              6/4/19 at 9AM

Bid Date:              7/21/19

Bid Time:             5:00 PM (Please submit bids by 12pm)

Addendums: 3 as of last update

Plans & Specs Available:

Project: 7.15.19 MUSC Ashley River Tower Chest Pain Center ($2-2.5M)

Location:        Medical University of South Carolina- Charleston, SC

Site Visit:              6/18/19 at 2PM

RFI Deadline:      7/2/19 at 3PM

Bid Date:              7/15/19

Bid Time:             5:00 PM (Please submit bids by 12pm)

Addendums: 3 as of last update

Plans & Specs Available:

Project: 7.19.19 Replace Roof Building 5

Location:        Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VAMC- Columbia, SC

Site Visit:              7/08/19 @ 10AM

RFI Deadline:      7/15/19 @ 3PM

Bid Date:              7/19/19

Bid Time:             5:00 PM (Please submit bids by 12pm)

Addendums: 3 as of last update

Plans & Specs Available:

Project: 7.24.19 (MATOC) Asbestos Containing Material Abatement

Location:        Charleston, SC VAMC

Site Visit:              7/11/19 @ 9AM

RFI Deadline:      7/18/19 @ 2PM

Bid Date:              7/24/19

Bid Time:             5:00 PM (Please submit bids by 12pm)

Addendums: 1 as of last update

Plans & Specs Available:

7.29.19 Project # 659-19-119 Roof Replacement Building 11- Salisbury

Location: Salisbury, NC VAMC

Site Visit: 6/19/19

RFI Deadline: 7/1/19 @ 4PM

Bid Date: 7/28/19

Bid Time: 5:00PM (Please submit bids by 12PM)

Amendments: 1 as of last update

Please Note: Any Subcontractor of supplier who submits a bid in excess of $100k that is accepted will be required to submit performance and payment bonds, each in the full amount of the bid, not later than ten days after receipt of a subcontract agreement or purchase order. MSK Construction, Inc. will pay the actual cost (premium) of the bond up to 1.5% of the subcontractor or purchase order price. These requirements may be waived or modified, but only in writing signed by MSK Construction, Inc.. All contractors, Vendors and Suppliers are required to execute MSK Construction, Inc.’s subcontract/purchase order as a condition of participating in this project and meet all insurance as stated in the project documents. MSK Construction, Inc.’s listing of a subcontractor is not an acceptance of a subcontractor’s conditions or exceptions included in the subcontractor’s proposal. All subcontractors bid proposals submitted to MSK Construction, Inc. must remain valid for no less time than required of the General Contractors bid proposal as indicated in the project documents. Typically, bids must be honored for no less than 60 days after the bid opening and can be as long as 120 days or more.