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Last updated: 2/18/21

UH to Quad F & HCC Chill Water Interconnection

MUSC Ehrhardt St

Charleston, SC 29425

Bid Date 03/03/2021 @ 02:00 PM


A. The overall scope of this project is the interconnection of chilled water systems between University Hospital, Quad F and the Hollings Cancer Center including installation of a chilled water pump. A more detailed, but not exhaustive, list of scope requirements are shown below. The contractor should review drawings and specifications carefully to determine the complete scope of the project. B. Removal, demolition, and replacement of exterior walls, louvers, roofs, ceilings, floors, slabs, etc. required for the installation of mechanical piping, control panels, valves, actuators, electrical equipment, conduits, etc. C. Installation of chilled water piping, valves, supports, insulation etc. as herein specified and detailed on the drawings and specifications. D. Dust tight construction partitioning and negative pressure exhaust systems to prevent duct migration to occupied spaces outside the construction zones. E. Modifications and alterations to the building structural steel systems to accommodate new piping installations. F. Provide and install new chilled water pump, piping, valves, electrical power, etc. to provide a complete and operating system. G. Insulation, painting and labeling of all new piping systems and valves in the facility included in this contract. H. Vibration and seismic restraints for all new equipment, devices, piping installed under this contract. I. Provide appropriate personnel, equipment, chemicals, and procedures to flush and treat the water system to remove debris and substances that could impair the performance of the heat transfer surfaces. Water samples shall be taken and analyzed by a chemical treatment company approved by the Engineer and witnessed by a representative from the Engineer’s office. The system shall be certified as ready for use prior to any equipment being placed into service. J. Start, test, adjust, balance and place into operation all systems. The building water distribution systems as indicated on the plans are to be balanced to provide the quantity of water as shown on drawings. K. Control system for valves and pump shall be compatible with the existing Johnson Controls system and campus EMS system. L. The scope includes all associated mechanical, electrical, structural, and control work.

Project Documents: 

534-19-102 Correct Roof and Lightning Protection Deficiencies

109 bee st charleston sc

Charleston, SC 29401

Bid Date 03/18/2021 @ 02:00 PM


Base Bid, General Construction, Project #534-19-102, Correct Roof and Lightning Protection Deficiencies. The purpose of this project is to address and fully replace the roofing and lightning protection on roofs 1D-1, 2A-1, 2D-2, 2D-3, 2D-4, AND 3B-1 at the Ralph H Johnson VA Medical Center, 109 Bee Street, Charleston, SC 29401. All work to be done in accordance with the attached Statement of Work, Specifications, and Drawings as approved by the Chief, Engineering Service. Contract Duration is 280 calendar days from receipt of Notice to Proceed. Bid Deduct Option #1 Remove Roofs 2A-1 and 1A-1 (60 calendar day duration). Bid Deduct Option #2 Remove Roofs 2A-1 and 1A-1 (60 calendar day duration) Remove Roofs 3B-1 and 2D-4W (30 calendar day duration)

Project Documents: 

Please Note: Any Subcontractor of supplier who submits a bid in excess of $100k that is accepted will be required to submit performance and payment bonds, each in the full amount of the bid, not later than ten days after receipt of a subcontract agreement or purchase order. MSK Construction, Inc. will pay the actual cost (premium) of the bond up to 1.5% of the subcontractor or purchase order price. These requirements may be waived or modified, but only in writing signed by MSK Construction, Inc.. All contractors, Vendors and Suppliers are required to execute MSK Construction, Inc.’s subcontract/purchase order as a condition of participating in this project and meet all insurance as stated in the project documents. MSK Construction, Inc.’s listing of a subcontractor is not an acceptance of a subcontractor’s conditions or exceptions included in the subcontractor’s proposal. All subcontractors bid proposals submitted to MSK Construction, Inc. must remain valid for no less time than required of the General Contractors bid proposal as indicated in the project documents. Typically, bids must be honored for no less than 60 days after the bid opening and can be as long as 120 days or more.


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