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Last updated: 8/25/21

Project Name: Project 534-20-905, Door Replacement Phase II MATOC

Project Location: Charleston VAMC - 109 Bee st charleston, SC

Bid Due Date: 09/08/2021 02:00 PM EST

RFI Deadline: 8/30/21 


The contractor will provide all supervision, labor, equipment, and materials needed to complete work for project # 534-20-905, Door Replacement Phase II per the provided drawings, specifications, and this SoW. Work will consist of replacement of doors and modification to door system throughout the Medical Center (see Attachment A, General Requirements for details). 

1. Provide all resources necessary to provide aesthetic upgrades to these openings including painting door frames. 

2. Construction impact shall be minimized and mitigated in a way that limits disruption to the functioning of the Medical Center. 

3. All doors shall be ordered to fit current door frames. If, upon arrival, minor adjustments are needed for proper door alignment, cutting/sanding/drilling/etc. shall take place at a designated lay-down area, not at the door installation location. Door frame modifications (if needed) will take place at the installation location but performed in accordance with “Hours of Work” identified below. 

4. Scheduling and coordination with the RHJ VAMC will be critical and must be approved by COR prior to work. 

5. The location and sizes of the doors, as outlined in Attachment A, “General Requirements”, are approximations, not exact values. 

6. The RHJ VAMC provided door schedule (Attachment D) is to be utilized for contractor bidding purposes only, NOT door purchasing purposes. Exact door sizes, door hardware, and door/door frame modifications will be the responsibility of the Contractor. Images and 2nd Floor layouts are also provided in Attachment C, “Floorplans” depicting a few of the existing conditions. 

Project Documents:

Project Name: Lead Based Paint Abatement B5 Exterior - COLA VAMC $100-250K MATOC

Project Location: Columbia VAMC - 6439 Garners Ferry Road

Bid Due Date: 09/03/2021 02:00 PM EST

Scope: Abatement of Hazardous Materials - Exterior of Building 5, West side, North side, East side, and South side.

Project Documents:

Project Name: Renovate Common & Supper Areas Ph III - CHS VAMC $1-2M MATOC

Project Location: Charleston VAMC 109 Bee St, Charleston SC

Bid Due Date: 09/09/2021 02:00 PM EST


This project consists of renovation of corridors in common areas on the 2nd,

3rd, and 4th floors throughout the Medical Center as required in the drawings

and specifications. Work shall include, but not limited to, demolition of existing

flooring, prep and install new flooring, install edge forms under existing doors,

remove noted decommissioned fire doors, and demolish bulkheads and wing

walls to existing walls and ceiling. Remove, store, protect, and reinstall items

currently mounted on walls. Patch, repair, and paint all walls. Remove and

replace wainscoting, handrails, and corner guards in accordance with

manufacturer’s instructions and specifications. Remove, store, protect, and

reinstall all electrical, communications, and fire alarm devices. Demolish existing

220-volt outlets with existing wiring and boxes and replace with single gang

boxes for existing 110-volt outlets.

Project Documents: 

Please Note: Any Subcontractor of supplier who submits a bid in excess of $100k that is accepted will be required to submit performance and payment bonds, each in the full amount of the bid, not later than ten days after receipt of a subcontract agreement or purchase order. MSK Construction, Inc. will pay the actual cost (premium) of the bond up to 1.5% of the subcontractor or purchase order price. These requirements may be waived or modified, but only in writing signed by MSK Construction, Inc.. All contractors, Vendors and Suppliers are required to execute MSK Construction, Inc.’s subcontract/purchase order as a condition of participating in this project and meet all insurance as stated in the project documents. MSK Construction, Inc.’s listing of a subcontractor is not an acceptance of a subcontractor’s conditions or exceptions included in the subcontractor’s proposal. All subcontractors bid proposals submitted to MSK Construction, Inc. must remain valid for no less time than required of the General Contractors bid proposal as indicated in the project documents. Typically, bids must be honored for no less than 60 days after the bid opening and can be as long as 120 days or more.