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Thank you for your interest in bidding with MSK Construction, Inc.

For questions regarding upcoming bids, please contact: or call us at (843) 789-3116.

Please submit bids to: or Fax: (888) 942-4344

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Last updated: 2/28/22


Project Location:81 wentworth st, Charleston South Carolina 29401

Bid Due Date: 03/08/2022 11:00 AM EST

Project Description:

Repairs to existing parking garage including but not limited to limited structural repairs, architectural finishes, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing repairs and restriping existing paving.

Special Instructions:

Pre-Bid 2/23 @ 3PM at 133 Calhoun St. 2nd Floor Conference rm. Sub Bids due: 3/8 @ 11AM. PLEASE NOTE BID ALTERNATE, UNIT PRICES, AND ALLOWANCES are included.


Project Name: College Lodge Abatement and HVAC Preparations – Phase II - Abatement

Project Location: College Lodge - 159 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC 29401

SUB Bid Due Date: 03/23/2022 11:00 AM EST

Project Description:

Abatement of existing ceiling texture, drywall, and flooring mastic. 

Project Link: 

Please Note: Any Subcontractor of supplier who submits a bid in excess of $100k that is accepted will be required to submit performance and payment bonds, each in the full amount of the bid, not later than ten days after receipt of a subcontract agreement or purchase order. MSK Construction, Inc. will pay the actual cost (premium) of the bond up to 1.5% of the subcontractor or purchase order price. These requirements may be waived or modified, but only in writing signed by MSK Construction, Inc.. All contractors, Vendors and Suppliers are required to execute MSK Construction, Inc.’s subcontract/purchase order as a condition of participating in this project and meet all insurance as stated in the project documents. MSK Construction, Inc.’s listing of a subcontractor is not an acceptance of a subcontractor’s conditions or exceptions included in the subcontractor’s proposal. All subcontractors bid proposals submitted to MSK Construction, Inc. must remain valid for no less time than required of the General Contractors bid proposal as indicated in the project documents. Typically, bids must be honored for no less than 60 days after the bid opening and can be as long as 120 days or more.

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